What your money does

We are not council funded.  We rely on your donations to help us do the work we do.

As a charity we rely upon the kind donations and the support from a wide range of organisations and individuals and we want you to know that your money really does make a very big difference. 

A small but significant proportion of our young people are vulnerable to being left behind by society and ending up involved in crime and violence, the story lines that you see in TV programs such as Line of Duty about gang violence and County Lines, are sadly not just a work of fiction.  Involvement in gangs, crime, violence and drugs are a very really likelihood for many young people. Providing constructive alternatives for these vulnerable young people is increasingly acknowledged as part of addressing what is a very serious issue. But while there are lots of people asking for our advice and help, we are finding it increasingly difficult to fund ourselves.  Funding at a grass roots level, for projects such us our volunteer led youth clubs, will save our communities not only the heavy and very real financial burden of policing, courts, mental health and NHS services, but it can save and change lives and ensure that young people are able to reach a productive and happy adulthood. 

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What your money does 

The difficult local authority funding backdrop continues in many areas of community life and that certainly applies to support for youth clubs and youth-oriented organisations. We are helping more than ever before and are also beginning to work in a more targeted fashion with the county’s Anti-Social Behaviour organisations and communities who are looking for activities for their young people who have nowhere to go.With the forthcoming strategy for Children’s and Family services being tightly focused on specific areas of work we at SCYP are anticipating an ever increasing need for our services. There are 32 Surrey Council youth clubs who are currently offering limited open access youth work, we anticipate this will more than halve as open access work is not a priority or statutory responsibility. We are aware of at least 15-20 areas that are hot spots for youth Anti-Social Behaviour and we are actively working in 4 or 5 and expect this need to rise sharply in the next year.We are ready and able to undertake this work with a proven track record of enthusing and supporting volunteers, but we are under resourced. We want to continue to be able to do this with the security of independent funding – but we need donations in order to do so. Your donations help SCYP to support and run youth clubs throughout Surrey and the South London boroughs.
Tony Willis SCYP Chairperson.

Donating money

You can donate via the donate button at the top of the page.

Give once

Your one-off donation will make an immediate difference to the lives of young people in the clubs we support.

£40 will enable 1 hours adventure activity for 6 young people.

£250 will enable 1 young person to attend a life-changing 100 mile canoe challenge.

£650 will pay for 4 young people to participate in a weekend expedition of adventure sports, widening their horizon.

£950 will pay for a 10-day summer holiday scheme for a youth club – keeping young people active and off the streets during the long school break.

Give regularly

If you are able to make a regular donation, we can plan ahead for long-term projects such as art projects and sports delivery. 

£20 a month keeps a volunteer led youth club open for 2 nights.

£35 per month will pay for 6 weeks of art sessions at a youth club allowing them to explore ways to express themselves.

£50 per month will pay for a regional tournament in any one of the sports we offer, allowing up young people to compete and represent their club and possibly the county.

You can set up a regular donation via our Donate button on this website.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK tax payer, choosing to ‘Gift Aid’ your donation makes it go even further – for every £10 given using Gift Aid, we get £12.50.

Donations in kind

You can also donate items for use as raffle prizes or auction lots at our fundraising events or on eBay. Get in touch with us to see if your item could be used.

Corporate Partnership 

A great way for your company to fulfill it's corporate responsibility and engage at a grass roots level with young people in its community.  Details HERE

Platinum Club

Launched in 2017 to mark our 70th anniversary the Platinum Club invites philanthropist to support SCYP by raising £7000.00 a year.  If you would like to know more about this opportunity to support us, please get in touch and our Chief Officer or a trustee will be happy to come and chat with you (t. 01293 862 582).  

Thank you!