Our Services 

We provide professional support to all volunteer led youth clubs within Surrey. We will visit your youth group on a regular basis to gain a full understanding of your clubs needs and provide ongoing support.

We do, so Clubs can

Without support, voluntary run clubs in Surrey may not survive, let alone thrive.

No matter how difficult and challenging the circumstance, we focus on being a valuable resource to help build the foundations for successful, independent, self-sustaining clubs with a long-term future.

But not by being prescriptive and forcing solutions.

We have to be open, supportive, collaborative and flexible.

Meeting need within communities involves being an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on, lending an impartial pair of hands and thinking creatively to provide tailored solutions of real quality – so that clubs can benefit the young people that need them most.

Tailored support, expertise and resources to individual clubs

We can work with you on your club's development or activities programme and identify areas where you need specific support and help.

Consultancy on and advice on setting up a youth club or project

Guidance on policy best practice, constitutional matters.

Volunteer training. 

1st Aid training. 

Volunteer Youth Worker training. 

DBS checks, Health & Safety checks.

Policy and procedures. 

Accounts verification. 

Fundraising advice and assistance with grant applications.

Volunteer recruitment and retention advice & assistance.

Social Media – help and advice on websites, Facebook & twitter.

Access to equipment, resources and insurance.

How many sessions:

Assessed on individual club needs.


Included in affiliation fee. 

Some of our additional training events have a small fee. 


Provide support to youth clubs as requested.

Assist clubs with equipment grant applications and signpost funding applications to National bodies.

Governance and professional guidance from SCYP trustees in law, financial and building development.

Youth Club guidance, support and technical assistance.

Thank you so much for all that time, all those thoughts, all that support, all that everything! The afternoon and evening proved to be a very busy one, with lots of energy from members and volunteers.
M. Wolfe