Our history and heritage

How it all began and how we evolved to reflect changes in our society and communities.

On the 12th February 1947, youth club leaders, local Mayors and the interim committee of the Surrey County Association of Boys Clubs came together to form a ‘friendly Association’; to discuss the development needs of young men and to establish competitions, events, activities and leadership training courses.

Of course a lot has changed since that meeting in 1947 and the post-war emphasis on male sporting activities was replaced by a more inclusive approach that offered activities with a broader appeal such as the arts. Youth clubs were then opened up to girls and focused on being at the center of the community. 

Youth clubs now seek to reflect their communities and as an independent charity SCYP has no political, religious or other barriers to inclusion.

If you would like to see a detailed report of the history of boys (and eventually young people's) clubs in Surrey, click HERE to read a report written in the 1990's.  The report shows the great changed that clubs can make to lives, reflects on the difficulties in funding and gives praise to those involved in taking us to where we are now. 

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1Lt Col. The Earl of Onslow MC, (Chair); Alderman S.H. Marshall, MP; The Lord Aberdare: Mr H C Hodges and Alderman F Mitchell, JP.

They were later joined by Rear Admiral F, N Attwood and the Mayor’s of Sutton, Mitcham, Kingston, Richmond and Croydon


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