At SCYP we believe that it is a travesty that in one of wealthiest counties in England 9% of young people are officially living in poverty and deprivation inequality is high. You may be shocked by some of the statistics below but this is why SCYP exists.  Surrey's youth clubs are a space where young people can make friends, be safe, engage with mentors and find positive ways to spend their time.

The fact is that a family could be living in poverty, whilst a millionaire is 3 streets away.
Hidden Surrey report

The Hidden Surrey Report 

  • Most of the worst deprived young people in Surrey live within 1 mile of a youth club.

  • 1 in 10 young people in Surrey are unemployed or not in education or training (NEET).

  • Young people classed a NEET face a lifetime of limited choices, financial insecurity and social isolation.

  • 15% of young people feel that their life lacks direction.

  • One in three unemployed young people feels down or depressed all or most of the time.

  • One in 10 young people rarely or never feel loved with this figure increasing to 15% for those out of work. “The Princess Trust (YouthGov Index 2010)

  • In Surrey there between 10-15,000 young people are at risk of becoming NEET or offending, with as many as 2000 in the criminal justice system at any one time.

  • The cost of this to the Surrey taxpayer is huge. Each year a youth offender in the criminal justice system costs the taxpayer £37,000.

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